The Pirate Accolades

The Order and its members find priceless value in our relationships with our fellow pirates. So when Acknowledgement comes from with in our ranks it means something very special. The pirate Accolades are just that, individual awards presented to each other at a very personal level. though they are but a simple patch, just a small square of cloth. It is in the meaning behind it and the people awarding it to you that gives it an inconceivable value. Also unique to these patches is you can award them to none Order members, we ask that you do use critical thinking when awarding these to anyone to maintain the integrity of the award. though none Order members  can receive an Accolade, they cannot purchase more to award they must go through an Order member for that. Another unique feature of these Accolades is the pay it forward system on which it operates. Once you've been given one you then have the ability to do the same. once you've been awarded a given accolade you can use the form at the bottom of this page to acquire some for yourself to award as you see fit. now keep in mind some of these have more specific criteria then others, also as an Order member if you see a need for one that fits a niche. please email the Order at and we can investigate the designation of a new accolade. below is a list of our current existing accolades.





The Dandie:

Developed by Dana & Candie Turner here is the direct quote on how to achieve this Accolade " In order to get one of these, you have to pass a test... If you are able to get through a drinking session with Candie and I without talking about religion or politics... Then you can receive a patch... Not as easy as it sounds... as you will have to keep up with Candie... After you have one you are free to give one..." 

when Ordering these are a 5 pack for $22.00 shipped



Developed by Matthew Porno Schuster: from one of his awesome drunken rambling facebook videos came "Pirate-ing" this is something only the man himself can describe so to earn one find him.

When ordering these are a 5 pack for $22.00 shipped

Pirates pirate.jpg


Developed by the Helm: this is awarded to the Pirate among pirates, an individual that whole heartily represents what the MDP stands for and shows it in their works. ADVENTURE, COMMUNITY, CHARITY, SELF-IMPROVEMENT & MENTOR SHIP

a recipient can award up to 3 in one Calendar  year

When ordering these are 3 for $20 shipped



This award was developed from a logo several of the original founders & friends flew a black flag with a red triangle is one of the oldest known pirate flags with estimates dating back to the 1400's. We flew this when we were just pirate not Modern Day Pirates. We were the party boy Special forces (SF) once a pseudo secret society an intersanctum if you will. The original Sick Fucks : Paul Dagnino, Mike Dagnino, Mike Paxson , Matthew Bawden, Rocky Cagnoni, Matthew Schuster, Billy Robertson , Wes Wong, Mikko Huttunen, Billy Cerinski, Darryl Nephew, Nicky Cuba, Pete Utschig & Josh Turbin.  You most likely will never earn this Accolade but there is a chance! the criteria is forever changing and if you ever ask for it then well you for sure will never carry this shield!!!!

If given the option to make more (SK) we will cross that bridge then.

TFS patch.jpg


Developed by TruckerBilly: this is for the ones we can't explain but love none the less , the ones with the ability to teach and share at times through poor example and negative reinforcement. Pirates that have to work a little harder on themselves to conform to this experiment we call society, For the ones that can call it like they see it and still not end up in jail!

When Ordering these are 5 for $22 shipped

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