Appendix B


Honor & Adventure Shields:

 as an Order member in good standing after a minimum of one CALENDAR year,  you can petition to purchase so you can display on a vest, jacket &/or SHADOW boxes....etc.. . so other pirates can know a little more about you and your ACHIEVEMENTS at a glance. if you'd like to petition for any honor or adventure shield, it is a flat fee of $10 for each Shield applied for. $4.00 of the funds will be donated to one of the many charity ORGANIZATIONS the MDp supports and $6 is for the patch you can also request up to 2 ADDITIONAL of the same patches/shields at $5 for each additional . we will send you an invoice after RECEIVING your request but will not begin to process your petition till the invoice has been paid in full.


Shield Petition to the

Anchor & Shield Verification board

Name *



a. Honor Shields: these will be worn on the left side of clothing at or below the heart depending on available space. honor shields pertain to career and life experiences that focus on self sacrifices for the betterment of society. please read each carefully to understand there meaning.


Civil Service.jpg

i.    Civil service : to earn this shield you'll need to present proof that you are currently or have worked a minimum of 1 year.  In a field pertaining to Civil service this would include but not limited to Police ,Fire ,EMT, rescue divers & local , state or federal government employment. There are other careers that would fall into this category as well, if you feel you've worked in one that should be included please present your case. to the Anchor & Shield verification board.



mil service shield green 2.0.jpg

ii.    Military service is service by an individual  in any branch of the armed forces or scantioned organized militia, whether as a chosen job or as a result of an involuntary draft . to earn this shield you'll need to present proof of current or prior service via military id card for active duty or a DD214 for former or retired members you cannot achieve this shield if you have been dishonorably discharged.

iii.    Mentorship – Need data

iv.    Sentinel – Need data

v.    Charity work – Need data

b. Adventure Shields:    


paintball shield.jpg


So to of eared your paintball Shield you will need to present proof that you have been a player for a minimum of 3 years at some point in your life. the proof can be in the form of photos, awards and affidavits from the people you have played with.

a.    We will not fight with, argue or belittle anyone at a paintball field for whatever reason. You are there to be an example of what we want people to be like and act like.

b.    No one can have an MDP paintball team except the Crew out of Finland.

c.    You can rock MDP gear, but your team name cannot be Modern Day Pirates. Something that shows you’re associated with MDP is fine, for example a posse name. Like the Beaver Krewe out of Canada.

globe trotter 2.jpg

Globe Trotter Shield : to earn this shield you'll need to present proof that you've been to at least 4 of the 7 continents or you have visited 7 countries, proof can be in the form of photos, passport stamps & written or video statments from fellow order members. 


ii.    Motorcycles NOT YET AVAILABLE 


a.    We will not fight with, argue or belittle anyone at a paintball field for whatever reason. You are there to be an example of what we want people to be like and act like.


b.    You and your vehicle will need to be able to cover 400 miles plus in a signal day at speeds between 55 and 85 depending on posted limits.


c.    Hot Rodding in a Crewmembers neighborhood (within 6 blocks) will result in a $100.00 fine unless the Crew Member themselves is in fact doing it, and then it's a free for all. The only other exception is if we as a group are putting on an exhibition.


3.  Riding in groups:


a.    When we ride together we need to show composure. We all like to go fast and shoot around on our bikes, but when riding together it is important we show discipline and skill and understand where riding in formation came from: horseback soldiers showing soldierly and control the same goes with fighter pilots flying in formation.


b.    Select a road captain who knows where you are going and the route; have a set of signals that everyone is clear on so we can communicate on the road.


c.    Select a caboose I tail gunner. This rider hangs back to make sure the group stays together and watches for trouble such as mechanical, weather etc. He/she will shoot up to the road captain and let them know if a problem arises.


d.    When new people ride with you, inform them of the mindset we are in riding together.


4.  Shooting/Hunting: Don't be dumb! NOT YET AVAILABLE




a.    Win the jackpot!


b.    Tell great fishing storie


iii.    Shooting NOT YET AVAILABLE


1.  Have necessary documentation in order that allows you to legally fire as well as transport your firearms on hand.

2.  Laws vary depending on type of firearm being used whether open or concealed. They also vary from state to state sometimes county to county even certain city limits. Type of firearm pistol, rifle, shotgun have different restrictions as well. Rule of thumb count the amount of Starbucks you see with in a city block chances are your screwed if you hit 10!

3.  Protection is a good thing to bring to any discharge situation otherwise you end up with unwanted results. (no Rocky jokes cut the SGT At Arms a break people!!!)

A. Ear protection ok guys and gals we all know it is tougher than shit to hear the bartender as it is at Sturgis so make sure you protect them suckers otherwise you go from pretending you can’t hear the wife to not hearing her and possibly spilling your rum or beer.

B. Eye protection is paramount as some ladies can testify nothing sucks quite as much as getting hot brass in the eye. Unless you’re going for that authentic eye patch with custom MDP look.

C. Ladies on that note do not wear "brass catchers" clothing. You will never hear me say this ever in any other instance but do not wear clothing where it shows your cleavage. Hot brass and hot boobs do not mix well.

Range etiquette

1. Be aware of what is in front and BEHIND your target.

2. Be aware of the caliber your using to include its trajectory and penetration characteristics. (50 cals. can and do go through concrete and do ricochet at weird degrees depending on the substance you’re shooting at. Multiple rounds in the same spot over time do wear down back stops)

3. Always point the muzzle of your weapon down range.

4. "Police call" lamest terms Don’t leave your shit laying around for others to pick up

5. Avoid arguments on the range and give other shooters their respective space.


1. Minors or those being mentored if bodies permit a group of shooters can elect an RSO or Range Safety Officer. This translates into an HMFIC or Head Mother Fucker in Charge. In a mentoring situation with a less than knowledgeable shooter on the line this is a safety multiplier.

2. Clearing barrels or clearing sites allow the RSO to check all weapons coming on and off the range to control the loading and unloading of firearms in a safe manner.  (a clearing barrel is not a bad idea it cuts down on negligent discharges and unsafe firearm transportation)

3. Last but not least and this one steps into the realm of Darwinism. If you are taking pictures or video of the range, if you’re going point the muzzle at the camera make sure the camera is on a tripod and not being held by a person.

Happy Range Shooting


iv.    Hunting NOT YET AVAILABLE



     Hunting in its basic element is the ability to provide for one’s self and one’s family while respecting the animal, the environment it lives in and respecting yourself and other hunters while conducting a hunt. Respect for these three components ensures this rite of passage for future generations and allows us to mentor up and coming hunters.


1. Up to date hunter safety course (authorized by host states department of wildlife)

2. Valid hunting license (verified by host state)

3. Valid hunting tag or stamp (verified by host state)

4. Necessary permits for firearms

"host state being where the hunt took place"

Qualification for badge

1. Complete 4 hunts documented by recording device (solo hunt) or witnessed by a fellow Order Member.     

     A. Number of hunts may be completed within any length of time i.e. a season, a year, two years so long as they are documented or witnessed.

     B. Hunts may be performed using any type of hunting device i.e. Bow, muzzle, rifle just be sure that you document what tool you are using and that you are within the correct season and place for that hunting device. (hunting unit)

     C. Any type of hunt applies whether large game small game waterfowl etc.

Ethical standards of the hunt

1. Respect the Animal you are hunting do not allow it to suffer unnecessarily, recording or witness must validate this. Ensure that given the hunting device you are using that you are providing the animal with the fastest and cleanest kill within the capabilities of the device in use.

     A. All parts of the animal are to be used that can be used. Trophies may be kept but nothing is given to waste except entrails and organs. Meat can be donated but not sold if you are not intending to use it for personal consumption. Surrendering the meat to another accompanying hunter is allowed. If you are donating the meat to a shelter it must be brought to a certified processor and documented either by recording of contact information or witnessed by an Order Member. Place of donation documented as well i.e. homeless shelter/church information including contact number and date and time of donation. Just don’t leave a bunch of deer, elk, boar whatever dead carcass laying there when it could be used for something or get a bunch of homeless people sick on tainted meat. Make sure we are teaching kids that this is as much a survival lesson as a hunting, charity and community experience.

     B. Trap hunting is not allowed! An animal cannot be corralled or tethered into a confined space and let go to be shot. The animal must have reasonable chance to escape. Reasonable chance to escape is defined as not being obstructed in any direction by a manmade obstacle built by the hunter or another hunter to restrict availability of movement. This does not apply if the hunter ambushes or traps an animal using natural terrain features. (decoy usage is an exception and does not fall under this category for example waterfowl decoys). Camping is not KOA campgrounds with an outlet and extension cord running out the tent that’s "honey grab the kids were going to nature it for the weekend in luxury". So, in comparison don’t drag something into a boxed in area let it go to be shot like a fish in a barrel.

     C. Make reasonable attempt to identify an animal that has been corrupted by baiting or hand feeding. If an animal (except for decoys being used) has been hand fed by humans and does not appear to have any fear of people attempt to find an alternate hunting target.

     D. Do not grand stand the animal while being transported. Give it its dignity cover it up during transport. i.e. don’t cast him over the hood of your Volkswagen driving through town with arterial bleeding covering your front quarter panel.

     E. The animals, habitat or environment is just as important as the animal itself. The catch phrase is "Zero Foot Print Hunting". Trash clean it up, if you humped it in, hump it out. Want to go above and beyond find some trash that wasn’t yours hump it out. If the woman you brought with you on the hunt is trash well then do the same. If she’s not and your married to her or are serious about her not being trash then good she can hump her own trash in and out. Ladies if the man you bring on the hunt is trash get rid of him don’t even bother humping his shit around you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

2.         Private property hunting! Never trust someone else UNLESS they are a certified guide licensed by the state to hunt on private property. Because if you’re not supposed to be there and that guy is a certified guide he gets the shiny bracelets not you. (in theory) Exception property is owned by an Order Member and they said its ok.

3. Respect yourself respect other hunters and respect the fact that not everyone thinks hunting is necessary, fun or even a wonderful experience. Treat other hunters with respect and courtesy respect yourself enough to not hunt under the influence of something because we all know good decisions never start with "hold my beer and watch this". Respect those that don’t agree with hunting. Do what you can to not offend them by grand standing show boating so on and so forth.

4. Lastly if you do document your hunt and wish to upload your adventure and your wearing your MDP gear make sure when you upload it that you let another Order Member look it over to make sure you didn’t record yourself doing something stupid. Because nothing goes viral quite like stupid.


Happy Hunting

i.                Fishing – Need data NOT YET AVAILABLE


ii.                Survival/Mountaineering – Need data NOT YET AVAILABLE


iii.                Boating – Need data NOT YET AVAILABLE


iv.                Gear head (motor work repair) – Need data NOT YET AVAILABLE


v.                Archery – Need data NOT YET AVAILABLE

vi.               Scuba , free diving– Need data NOT YET AVAILABLE