The Order of Modern Day Pirates and Proud Beauties is our vetted membership system.

Why join the Order?:

You wish to represent Modern Day Pirates & Proud Beauties in its highest form and be a center point and example of what MDP's global crew stands for; helping promote our Ideals of: Community, Adventure, Charity, Self-improvement & Mentor-ship. Though we understand things happen, we consider this a life time commitment.

Order members enjoy:

A vetted, trusted network of Pirates all over the world that  can be contacted for information and local hookups. Establishing far reaching personal relationships if you want to travel to a new area or learn about a new activity / adventure. All reaches of the Order will be at your finger tips via email or some form of social media messenger.

Crew members can grow within the organization helping with the promotion and business of the MDP at the local and international level.

Crew members have access to Order member only gear and events.

Crew members can earn adventure and honor shields to show and share your experiences with others.

Crew members receive special offers and discounts from an ever growing list of vendors and retailers to help keep the cost of our Adventures down so that we can participate in more fun & as we grow our buying power becomes stronger !

Now if you feel your ready to go on the Account and Represent the Order  you'll need to read through the Articles of Conduct, our rules and regulations a living document that will give you a very clear understanding of what the Order is. Next you'll go to the petition Fee and dues submission page; in this section you will select your membership package, be it single member first year with annual billing, lifetime membership onetime pay or similar packages for couples (spouses and significant others) complete the petition and pay your fees and dues. The Helm will then review your application, do a back ground check and clear on your acceptance into the Order.


Please note that if you are not admitted into the Order for some reason you'll have the ability to resubmit at no additional charge with in the next 6 months. If you again are not admitted, and you've paid for a lifetime membership, a portion of those dues will be refunded, but the application fee is non-refundable.